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A revolution for the rest of us | Posted on June 29 2018
This simple and tasteful four-bedroom house nearing completion in Invermere could offer a glimpse of the future of home building in British Columbia

Radon in Revelstoke | Posted on June 29 2018
It's time to test your home for Radon. This silent killer is the second leading cause of cancer.

Liberals to introduce incentives to retrofit homes, rules for more net zero new homes | Posted on October 27 2016
Liberals to introduce incentives to retrofit homes, rules for more net zero new homes

Tax credit for radon mitigation | Posted on January 30 2016
A Tax Credit for Radon Remediation: Logical Next Step for Feds

Radon risks outlined to city council. | Posted on October 22 2015
“It’s a health concern because it increases the risks of lung cancer,” King told council, noting lung cancer remains the leading cause of death from cancer in Canada, for both sexes.

High-performance homes | Posted on July 29 2014
Why isn’t Canada spearheading the movement to build more sustainable homes?

Radon gas levels high across Canada | Posted on June 24 2014
CBC News has obtained data showing the results of approximately 14,000 radon tests in homes across the country, which show that over 1,500 homes Health Canada tested had radon levels above the department's guidelines.

Eco-friendly features increasingly important to BC home buyers | Posted on August 12 2013
“An energy-efficient home is cheaper to operate than a non-energy efficient home. With increasing utility rates, buyers are looking to energy efficiency to keep their utility bills as low as possible. An energy efficient house has a lower environmental footprint, period.”

Power rates to rise by 50% across Canada | Posted on July 30 2013
A study of provincial utilities' power-purchase agreements and financial statements indicates the average cost per kilowatt-hour countrywide will rise more than 50 per cent by 2020.

Canadians are living with dangerously high levels of RADON | Posted on July 30 2013
An estimated 500,000 Canadians are living in homes that exceed pending new federal guidelines for radon gas, a naturally occurring radioactive substance described by health officials as a quiet killer and the leading cause of lung cancer after smoking, The Vancouver Sun has learned.