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Nate Sereda has lived in the Columbia valley for over a decade and has been licensed by Natural Resources Canada to perform ENERGY AUDITS of residential buildings since 2011. Over that period he has helped hundreds of homeowners reduce their residential energy usage and helped them access over $100 000 in Government grants.

During his time in the Kooteneys, Nate worked for many years in the construction business, experience that has given him excellent “hands-on” knowledge of energy efficient building practices. The Certified Energy Advisor certification process has only added to his expertise. Nate Sereda is happy to offer EnerGuide ratings for both new and existing homes

Recent research into RADON contamination of homes in Canada, particularly in the Kooteneys, and the drastic health effects it has on humans, led Nate to pursue a: “Licensed Radon Professional” certification from Health Canada.
“ One of the best decisions we made during our house construction was to commission the services of Nate Sereda, Certified Energy Advisor, of Energy Advise. We contacted Nate during our initial planning stage, explaining that our goal was to build a high‐energy efficient home. We received immediate value from his input. For example, rather than our idea of an alcove at the front entrance, Nate encouraged us to bump out the entrance. This eliminated heat loss from two wall corners and increased insulation values and square footage all while reducing construction costs! Nate's expertise and problem‐solving helped us exceed our expectations for our pending energy audit. His advice to increase the rise on the heel trusses allowed us to achieve an R60 in the ceiling adjacent to the interior walls. Nate uses sophisticated energy‐modelling software and provided continued advice. The first of two blower door tests identified areas of air leakage we were able to seal prior to final drywall. Our final test proved verification of the degree of air tightness we had been seeking. We could not have achieved our goal without Nate's expertise and guidance. We would encourage any home builder seeking to build an affordable energy efficient home to contact Nate. The Columbia Valley is very fortunate to have such technical expertise readily available. ”