Frequently asked questions

What is an EnerGuide Rating?

An EnerGuide rating shows a standard measure of your home's energy performance. It shows you (and future buyers) exactly how energy efficient your home is.  The rating is calculated based on standard operation assumptions so that you can compare the energy performance of one house against another.
The home's energy efficiency level is rated on a scale of 0 to 100. A rating of 0 represents a home with major air leakage, no insulation and extremely high energy consumption.
A rating of 100 represents a house that is airtight, well insulated, sufficiently ventilated and requires no purchased energy on an annual basis.

Are there Government grants available to improve the efficiency of my home?

Yes, the HERO (Home Energy Rebate Offer) program offers homeowners over $6000  to improve the efficiency of their homes.  In addition, many communities have additional grants and rebates available for efficiency improvements.  Ask your Certified Energy Advisor.

How do you determine the EnerGuide rating of a home?

All of the components of the home including window styles and orientation, insulation amounts, HVAC systems as well as the air tightness of the structure will be recorded and entered into computer modeling software by a Certified Energy Advisor.  Using climate data compiled by Environment Canada, the advisor will be able to estimate what the yearly energy costs of the home will be as well as issue an official EnerGuide rating.

How much are your services?

The cost of energy assessments of existing homes depends on your location due to subsidies from the East Kootenay Energy Diet and local governments.  Please contact us for a quote for energy assessments, draftproofing and for Radon measurement and mitigation services.